A Women For A Cause

I was very enthused while reading Wonder Woman by Moulton Marston. It was real exciting to read a comic for the first time, as I am a big fan of the Marvel super heroes.

Diana, the daughter of a race of Amazon Warriors was born on Paradise Island. She is a princess, an ambassador and a warrior. U

sing her divine powers granted by the Gods of Olympus, Wonder Woman came to America to fight for: justice, love, peace and sexual equality.  She became a symbol for powerful forward-thinking female characters in comic books. As she showed values like valor and honesty in the name of equality, while living in a “man’s world”.

In my eyes the “Wonder Woman” comic book is all about women’s power.  Back then it seems that our society had placed a lot more focus on the male superhero. Then Wonder Woman was published and it explored the rise and development of the female super heroine.  Today our culture has changed and there are more prominent and powerful women than there were back in the day.

I believe that Marston had a vision of a possible feminist movement due to his perception and intelligence.  By creating a feminine character with all the strength of Superman plus all the qualities of a good and beautiful woman, he saw an opportunity to do some good in the world.  He could help females, children and women while also proving that they are smart, important and could be whatever they wanted to be.  Like Judy Collins wrote “Wonder Woman taught us we could fly.”

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