The inspirational Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman by Charles Moulton is one of my favorite things we have read so far. I have very recently gotten into reading comic books so this was a really fun and easy read to me! I loved the positive and feminist meanings in the comic. Wonder Woman is this prominent female character that is able to fight crime and kick-ass just as well as any other male superhero.

I really enjoyed reading the background story of where Wonder Woman came from. In Paradise Island, the Amazon women not only lived without men, but they liked it that way. It gives women in real life the idea that they are able to live on their own. They can work and make a name for themselves if that’s what they want to do- they shouldn’t have to be tied down as a housewife and serving a husband. During the time period that Wonder Woman started getting popular, we had just hit some of the biggest milestones in women’s rights. I think that along with icons such as “Rosie the Riveter”, Wonder Woman was giving women that extra push to fight and stand up for themselves and get the rights that they deserve.

The other main concept in the comic is American patriotism. The amazons pretty much automatically took the side of the allies rather than the axis powers. The allies were assumed to be the good guys in the comic. The costume her mother gives her is 100% America; the colors red white and blue, stars, and an eagle included. I think this is very important because during the time period Wonder Woman comics were not only used as a feminist work, but also for war propaganda for the allies. It could help kids feel a strong pride for America because of reading the comic.

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