Presentations 12/12

I absolutely loved Richelle’s presentation.  The piece without her personal story would have been powerful, but by being open and honest about her own experiences took it to another level.  Being stereotyped based on appearance is something that everybody can relate to and I think it took a lot of courage to relate that to sexual assault and her own personal experience.

I was also taken with Faith’s presentation.  His depiction of Wonder Woman without a mouth was especially striking.  I thought it said a lot about how women’s voices are lost even though they may be a powerful presence, like Wonder Woman.  I also liked the Selkie picture as it showed how men are sexualized and oppressed as well.  Sexualization isn’t only limited to women and I feel like male sexualization is brushed under the rug in society today.

Sri’s comic was great as well.  I loved that it was personal and it seemed like she was telling her own story.  It was entertaining and well done

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