White Wonder Woman as American Symbol

As much as I wanted to like Wonder Woman by Charles Moulton, I could not get over the fact that the American man was white, blonde, and blue eyed and that all the wonder women were white.  American culture isn’t all white and we are known as the “melting pot” so why is it that the wonder women can only be white if she stands as an American symbol?  The white man also symbolizes the American man as the comic suggests he is in the American Army and has an American duty…whiteness becomes the real American symbol.  Excuse me while I go on a small feminist rant but everywhere in mainstream music and fashion, on news channels, in literature, in literature made into movies, all the most beautiful characters are portrayed as white, or light skinned…if they aren’t there is a horrible backlash…i.e. the southern Asian American woman who won Miss America–just look at the comments posted!!  http://www.buzzfeed.com/ryanhatesthis/a-lot-of-people-are-very-upset-that-an-indian-american-woman  (pay attention to the Arab comments and notice that the woman is actually from India)

And yes, women can be anything and do anything but as long as they remain heterosexual and in some way feminine or sexy….like wonder women

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