Sex and the Supernatural is a class blog for a literature course of the same name at the University of Iowa in Fall of 2013 taught by Taryne Taylor. The blog provides a digital space for students to post their thoughts about the works we read and engage in conversations with each other beyond classroom discussion.

Abridged course description:

Goddesses, vampires, warrior queens, enchanted princesses, succubae, fairies, were-wolfs…

                                      Do you love fairy tales, fantasy, and paranormal romance?

Forget Twilight’s Bella Swan and damsels in distress: the strongest and sexiest female characters in literature possess supernatural powers. In this class we’ll look at the best and baddest supernatural women in literature from the femme fatales to the fairy princesses and everything in between! We’ll focus on contemporary revisions and adaptations of popular fairy tales, myths, and legends. You’ll never watch Disney’s Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty the same way again!

As we read we’ll consider how sex and the supernatural combine both to reinforce stereotypes about gender, sex, and sexualities and to explode those stereotypes. Though the unifying theme of the class is supernatural female sexuality we won’t leave out representations of and discussions about men and transgendered identities.

If you have any questions about the course or this blog please contact Taryne Taylor using the following form.


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