Presentations 12/10

I was pleasantly surprised at how good the presentations were the first day! Everyone came up with such great ideas.

Lauren’s presentation lit up a new area I felt we didn’t get to touch as much in class. The video she showed was really eye opening. The fact the people wanted to take a picture with a “real Indian” in what are seen as traditional clothes, but not when he was dressed in what are seen as typical American clothes, is a real problem in our society. It reminded me a lot of the Hotttentot Venus story where the women were put on display and looked at like animals, just because they were different from the white people.

I really liked Courtney’s presentation about the evolution of the screen heroine. It was interesting to see how the heroine’s changed over time. They’ve becoming more empowering and more present today. I don’t have much background knowledge about super heroines in the past so it was cool to see some history about them and what impact they’ve made.

One of my favorite presentations was Chloe’s revision of Snow White. I think that she did a perfect job in recreating the story. It was really funny and entertaining. I love how she was able to incorporate so many different characters and themes into the story. She made note of almost all the topics we talked about in class such as race, gender, and sexuality, and put it into a comical story. One of my favorite parts was when she talked about the black man with grills being an obviously friendly man, because in her story, the society was almost backwards from ours. Her story seemed like one we could have actually read in class!

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