Kudos to Lauren!

I felt that Lauren’s presentation material was particularly powerful; especially the video clip, “Take a Picture with a Real Indian”. Not only was this releveant to many aspects of our class discussions but it gave a visual representation and real world example to the things we had only been able to discuss in theoretical terms. This video/preformance art piece forced the spectators to confront their own stereotypical beliefs and by showing that only a young boy was interested in taking a photo with the man once he was in regular street clothes speaks of the mindsets of adults versus children. As they say the children are our future so here’s to hoping that young people like him shape the world to come, eschewing the heretofore held prejudices and faulty belief structures.

Kudos to Lauren for tackling difficult subject matter and forming it in such a way that was as engaging as it was enlightening!

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One Response to Kudos to Lauren!

  1. sponnada says:

    I really liked Lauren’s presentation, as well. I agree that the video of the artist was really cool and served well to expose just how much our society buys into stereotypes, and how our society likes to write roles and descriptions that people of other races/ethnicities are forced to follow. It’s ridiculous that those people didn’t want to take photos with the guy when he was dressed in regular clothes, but the second he put on “weird clothes” they all lined up with smiling faces to take a photo with him.

    Now, Lauren focused on Native Americans in her presentation, but I think this effect applies to people of any “unusual” or “different” culture. It’s a problem if you embrace your heritage and sport attire that is unique to your culture – you get made fun of, or are stared at in public, and generally made a spectacle of. And if you choose to avoid all that by wearing normal clothes, you are still weird because you aren’t what people expect you to look like.

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