presentations 12/12

First off, I thought everyone’s presentation was well prepared and interesting!  A few that stuck out in my mind from today were Richelle’s presentation on her personal experiences, Faith’s artwork over his readings of different stories, and Sri’s comic strip.

Richelle’s presentation was very good.  I loved it!!  It took a lot of guts for her to get up there and talk about those experiences to the class.  I’ve definitely learned a in this class this semester, but if there is one thing that I will come away with is that stereotypes need to be thrown to the side.  Yeah, people may look different but that doesn’t mean they act a certain way or believe certain things.  I was really impressed with her courage to show us that she is living proof that stereotypes can be broken.

Faith’s presentation was also very good!  I enjoyed his artwork, and I really do think that they were drawn quite well.  My favorite was his drawing of Wonder Woman.  I think by Faith not drawing the mouth that it really reinforced the idea that women may try to break through the oppression put on them by society, but in reality, their voice is not heard.  The first issues of Wonder Woman showed that she was a hero by saving the world.  At that point, she was giving a voice to the young girls around the world and showing them that they could be something in the world.  When the men realized this was happening, they immediately changed her character into a more domesticated woman.  The lips were drawn on and quickly erased.  Today, I think they are being drawn back on but very slowly.

Finally, Sri’s presentation was very fun!  I loved there was a “hidden” idea behind the characters.  I thought she had a great message too.  It’s inspiring to know every woman has a little piece of Wonder Woman inside of us, we just have to let ourselves see it.

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