Tuesday’s Presentations 12/10

I thought Tuesday’s presentations were very well done! I was surprised by the different topics chosen and many of them struck my interest and made me wonder why I hadn’t chose to do such a project myself. I loved Chloe’s rendition of Snow White, especially in that it addressed what many may have seen as socially uncomfortable topics. What I found most interesting was that in listening to her story- I wasn’t uncomfortable! I think this class has really allowed me to better see how social norms can captivate society and that speaking your mind is perfectly alright. I also really enjoyed Courtney’s presentation on the heroine. I have never read any True Blood or watched a substantial amount of Buffy so the concepts such as wallflower were extremely interesting and insightful to me. I loved to see the dynamic qualities of the heroine over the course of their role, as well as over time in general. I think with her background in literature and what appears to be more than adequate knowledge of gender studies, it was a perfect topic for her to present and was most informing to me.  

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