Take a Picture with a Real Indian

Overall I loved Lauren’s presentation, but my favorite part was by far the clip that she showed. There wasn’t much talking or explaining that was done in the clip, but the actions of the tourists spoke volumes to me. One thing that really stood out to me however was the apparent innocence of the one child who still took a picture with the Indian man even while he was dressed up in his western clothing. To me, this just showed that children in fact are innocent to and have a blind eye towards our societies stereotypes. To him, the man whether clothed in traditional Indian clothing or not, was still very intriguing. In my opinion, it would be wonderful if the adults in our society could turn the same blind eye towards the many different stereotypes our social media has built around us.

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2 Responses to Take a Picture with a Real Indian

  1. erg4lyfe says:

    I agree. This presentation and her argument that in order for social change to occur people need to listen to each other without shutting down to different perspectives, was a great one! The YouTube video was powerful as well, and I know for a fact that I will watch it again. The YouTube video and her argument made me think of Orientalizing, in which people talk about or depict a different culture on a very superficial level. This is clearly problematic but Lauren did an awesome job showing how it affects the lives of people who are Orientalized–it sets people against each other to strive for the least stereotypical model or the most devoted to their culture. Great job Lauren!!!

  2. cawatson94 says:

    I agree, this was a great presentation by Lauren! I don’t quite agree that when the child took a picture with the Indian that it was trying to show he was innocent though. I think by showing this in the clip, it was trying to prove that society is teaching even children that it is okay to see the minority as different. I think that “Take a Picture With a Real Indian” showed that we are able to think of minorities like this in one stereotypical way. Having the child go up and take a picture with him in his traditional Indian clothing indicates that the child is already following and believing these stereotypes as well, and society is not stopping this from happening.

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