Sophia Melidis on Supernatural

Sophia’s presentation on Supernatural intrigued me.  I have watched the show through season 5 and agreed with much of what she said.  First, this show is 100% run by males.  It’s a show about two brothers, their dad is brought up in most episodes but rarely is their mom ever mentioned, and all the powerful forces in the show (good or evil) are always males.  The females either die off, or have sex with Dean/Sam (the two main guy characters) and then die shortly thereafter.  The women are more considered pawns and rarely are put in positions where they seriously compete with the other male characters in the story.  Also, we rarely see any heroines, rather the women are depicted as evil demons who try and fight (but always lose) with Dean and Sam.  I loved Sophia’s statistic because it proves everything she was saying, so far there have been 9 episodes in the most recent season which have already entailed 5 female deaths.  Also, Sophia brought up a great point in that the lesbian characters are the ones sticking around.  Basically, if the woman is a romantic threat to Dean/Sam they are usually killed off. 

To be honest I get annoyed when women keep dying off considering the fact every single woman on this show is ridiculously attractive… Not only the females though, literally EVERYONE is extremely attractive and those who watch it know exactly what I am talking about.  

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