Final Presentation Day 1

I really enjoyed everyone’s speeches on Tuesday. I was interested in seeing what everyone’s topics were going to be about. Tuesdays group had great visual aids. I really enjoyed Kelly’s presentation that covered gender equality in the Disney movie “Mulan.” Mulan is one of my favorite children’s movies and I still catch myself time and time again watching it when it’s on TV. I really like how Kelly used clips from the movie to refer to what she was talking about and how she also talked about the poem “Ballad of Mulan.” I didn’t know that Mulan was based on a true story of Hua Mulan’s life. This shows that Disney movies are truly trying to portray a good concept for children and adults that watch these movies.

Chole’s reading of her revision of “Snow white” was a great touch to how fun this class is. I loved how she used social norms in her story and I give her props for being able to read her story out loud. I believe that if I heard of a story like Chole’s about social norms before this class I would have felt a little awkward. But now there isn’t a reason that we can’t talk about the thing in a fairy tale. I kind of wish I had would have done a revision of a story because it would have been a lot of fun.

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