Definitely a Dream

I kind of have mixed emotions after reading Sultana’s Dream by Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain.  She created a world utopia of women by confining men to their homes, and she basically reversed the role of women and men in society, and everything seemed to be perfect as a result.  As a woman, I found this to be pretty inspiring because it showed hope that women as a group of people have the power to create such a peaceful and happy world, but  I also found this to be very problematic.  The fact of the matter is that women are not perfect no matter if men are around or not.  Women are known to be catty and the creators of drama yet this dream world in which Sultana has created has no wars?  All the blame for the problems of the world is set on men, when the problems are really everywhere in humanity.  I just think it is a little unfair to assume that a perfect society would be created when men do not have an active role.  Men should not be punished for the troubles of the world because it is everyone’s fault; men AND women’s.  In reality, a role reversal would solve no problems, and it might actually create even more problems than what originally existed.

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One Response to Definitely a Dream

  1. sophia6365 says:

    You make a good point about how the role reversal may in fact makes things worse than better. It’s easy to want to switch roles to make the opposite sex understand what women go through because no matter how much you may try to convey it to them, some can’t comprehend it, much in the way some men don’t get why some girls are afraid to walk home at night by themselves, because they haven’t been put through a situation like that or have known someone who has. It’s hard to gain perspective without the experience. But this eradicating of men from some feminist literature may be a factor in why some people, both men and women included, associate a negative connotation to the word feminism. The stereotype feminist is a hardcore, usually less feminine woman who hates men and Sultana’s dream, while probably aiming for satire, does raise some flags in excluding men instead of finding a balance between the sexes and in a way reinforces that stereotype of feminists. After all, one person’s utopia is a another person’s dystopia.

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