Sultana’s Dream

Sultana’s Dream by Rokeya Hossain was definitely different than the readings we have done in class.  I found it really interesting how much the men were oppressed to the point of confinement in Zenana whereas; the women lived in what became Ladyland.  It was extremely interesting how the men were basically blamed for all the terribleness that occurs in the world and that they are better off having confined men, rather than working with them to create a better world. 

You can see in this story that Hossain really wanted to make it clear that women alone can create a better world, having most women working in laboratories and flying planes.  To me I felt that she basically said that women are more capable of being successful in these jobs than men are, which is the gender you usually see working these types of careers.

One thing that did bother me was the fact that throughout this story, the women seem to care so little about the fact that they are confining men and basically seeing them as lesser beings.  I felt like the purpose of this was to demonstrate what women at this time were going through and some still go through with certain careers.  Also, what is problematic is how some people today still don’t see that women are confined not in the literal tense but metaphorically from certain opportunities and seen as incapable of handling different tasks.  I really liked the twist on oppression from what we have been reading and really makes you question power inequalities that occurred during this time period of this writing as well as what occurs still today. 

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2 Responses to Sultana’s Dream

  1. jchristensen780 says:

    I also had a problem with the women caring so little about confining the men. I thought it was interesting how in these stories we’ve read, like in Wonder Woman, women flourish without men, and when men are present, they are battling over who is more powerful. I think it’s interesting that neither are portrayed as being able to flourish when both are equal members of society. One sex always has to be oppressed or beneath the other one, which I find to be kind of sad.

  2. lorhodes says:

    I agree with your last paragraph where you think the women are insensitive to the men’s well being. At times throughout the reading it appears that Hossain is very mad at men and some lines were written in frustration. It is true that society should respect women and recognize that they are capable of doing what a man can but at the same time men should not be enslaved.

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