True Blood

I actually really enjoyed the show true blood. I really liked that vampires didn’t have to just be the typical good looking, mysterious man, which they showed at the gas station at the very beginning. One thing I didn’t like was how closely related it was to twilight. I found out after watching that this was made before but since I had watched it after, it made me feel like they copied it. I also liked the mystery that they had going on with her brother to keep things interesting and focused away from the vampire. I did notice that this show is very violent and isn’t afraid to show anything. There were many violent scenes that I found disturbing to watch but most shows nowadays have them as well. Overall I really liked the show and would like to continue to watch it. It ended with a scene where Sookie got attacked which was a good end to make people want to keep watching. I also noticed a theme of women who think they can take care of themselves. I really liked Sookie’s independence and how she didn’t care what other people told her. I thought that was empowering for women and showed how people always think that women can’t take care of themselves. 

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