Stereotypes used for comedy

I enjoyed watching the true blood episode we saw before break. During many parts, it reminded me a lot of twilight, such as the vampire’s skin being cold and the somewhat cliché interactions between Bill and Sookie. It was also expected that Bill would have a socially unacceptable relationship with a non-vampire girl (at least it seems to foreshadow that something will develop between the two of them). In my opinion, the main difference between this first episode of True Blood and Twilight is the gender roles. In twilight Bella is seen as completely helpless. Edward watches over her constantly and is always saving her from dangerous situations that she can’t seem to ever get herself out of. In true blood, Sookie is the one saving the vampire. I enjoyed this a lot more than the twilight series.

I found the side characters very interesting as well. I found it really interesting how they followed stereotypes, such as for their sexual identities and race. For example, Lafayette is the chef of the diner and he’s also very obviously portrayed as homosexual. He is a funny character and he definitely provided a lot of comic relief during the episode. I was curious as to why the writer chose to make him have such stereotypical characteristics of a gay man rather than taking a more subtle approach. Sookie’s friend Tara also follows stereotypes for a young black woman. She has a bit of an attitude and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. I like this character a lot, but again was wondering why the writer chose to give her these personality traits with the stereotypes in mind. Why do we find it funny when characters follow these stereotypes? 

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One Response to Stereotypes used for comedy

  1. jkv21 says:

    I also noticed a lot of similarities between True Blood and Twilight. The way bill would watch over Sookie, but unlike twilight, Bill needed Sookie to save him. I liked that switch of gender rolls a lot because it shows that girls can be the hero as well. I think stories need to have more women as the hero because it always has to be a man.

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