Happy Birthday, Margaret Atwood!

I attended Margaret Atwood’s lecture this evening. I have not read any of her poems or novels, but I am really looking forward to reading a lot of her work. I am hoping her personality matches her work.  I have attended quite a bit of lectures outside of class this semester and I was expecting another “boring” lecture, but I got the complete opposite of what I expected. She was sarcastic and funny (even to her answers during the Q&A session). I especially enjoyed the Q&A about her poem “Asparagus” (p.s. she talked about how there is no secret meaning behind the title, she was just eating asparagus while the guy was telling her the story).  She is really witty and knowledgeable.

I liked how she talked about supernatural characters. I thought of our class (Sex and the Supernatural) instantly. For those who weren’t there, she discussed how supernatural characters are represented. For example, [were]wolves being in small packs (and how female wolves have been brought to light) and zombies being in large packs (because one zombie isn’t scary). I wish she lectured more. I am really curious about her views. One of my favorite things she discussed was about the shift from paper books to nooks (e-readers, etc.) to paper books again. There is something special about having a physical copy of writing (and I understood what she meant about it being much easier to read).

Overall, I really enjoyed the lecture! And am looking forward to reading her work.

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One Response to Happy Birthday, Margaret Atwood!

  1. Tammy says:

    what is the meaning behind the poem asparagus? i have tried to analyze it in so many ways and none of them completely seem right. would love to get some insight as you have seen her discuss it!

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