The shapeshifter poems by Lucille Clifton were extremely difficult to read. It’s hard reading about such a difficult topic. Her poems presented a topic that is typically hidden and unspoken of. Rape exists. It’s a big issue in our society today and it will continue to be a big and concerning issue. It was interesting to read about  because in a way it forces us to realize that this issue exists.

Lucille Clifton did an amazing job with the poems. Clifton presented other “characters” in the poem. Objects became characters. There was so much around the girl, but none of it and no one protected her. It was frustrating reading about that. This was frustrating to read because Clifton did nothing, but speak of the truth in our society. How victims are forced to be silent because of the fear that no one will believe them. How at time we become spectators of a crime because of the fear of speaking up. Even though I would rather not read about the topic, the poems were amazing. It threw a perspective that we all know about in our faces.

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3 Responses to Spectators

  1. rimiller11 says:

    I don’t think anyone wants to read about such topics as this. They’re hard to read and to believe that it actually happens. But it’s the same with any traumatic event. No one wants to talk about it or acknowledge it. That makes it real. No one wants to believe that this happens or that some other human being is capable of such an act. But it happens. Rape is real and is really ignored.

  2. maybefatima says:

    I completely agree. I believe that we are all aware of the issue. Rape is an issue that we all need to talk about. I’m really glad we read this poem and had a fairly open discussion about the poem.

  3. jchristensen780 says:

    I believe that sometimes the most important issues are the most difficult to hear about and discuss. I feel like today a lot of people live in ignorance of important issues and major social problems. Its kind of the idea that maybe if we don’t talk about it or brush it under the rug it’ll go away. That’s not the way it works. I feel like more people need to speak up. It’s difficult, but change isn’t easy. I like that Lucille Clifton brought attention not only to rape, but to rape within the family. Sometimes we have to feel uncomfortable in order to battle the demons of society and to bring about change.

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