The one thing that bothered me the most about the shape shifter poem was the lack of intervening by any of the other characters in the poem. The shapeshifter (drunken father) in my opinion is literally able to have his way with the little girl while the mother watches apparently. And even if she doesn’t physically watch the rape, it seems that she is aware of it. Another interesting thing is that the moon itself is personified when it is given eyes or an eye. It seems like the owl, even though just an animal, seems to be another member of the audience to this rape scene.And having these characters, whether human, animal,or inanimate all together just be be bystanders to the whole situation just reminded me of one of the biggest flaws in our society today. People are more than often too willing to turn a blind eye towards difficult situations, rather than stepping to the forefront and being the person to attempt and help a situation.

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