Shapeshifter Poems

Stories like “Shapeshifter Poems” by Lucille Clifton are always hard for me to read. It’s so hard to imagine this kind of thing happening to someone, and it’s even harder to know how often it actually happens. I took this poem as a little girl and her father, and how she see’s him as two different people. The person he is during the day and when people are around, and this “monster” when the moon comes out. I find this human to werewolf comparison to be a great way to show how a child could view this situation. A werewolf in the movie’s/books I’ve read are typical people by day and a uncontrollable creature by night. It would be very hard for a young child to fully see her father as this monster at all times, because she has such a connection to him. It is awful to read “the little girl breathes into her pillow, the one she cannot tell the one there is noone to hear” this breaks my heart because I feel like it’s her trying to express the fear of being raped. Most children who are abused in any sort of way are too afraid to tell anyone about it that they keep it inside. This poem had a really important message to me about how often this issue is pushed aside and how important it really is. People want to push it aside because we don’t like to think these things actually happen but it is not okay for a child/person to feel this way. 

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