Attracted to Similarities

In The Tale of the Shoe and The Tale of the Kiss by Emma Donoghue, the main characters seemed to be attracted to the women/girl characters who resembled someone close to them or resembled the main character herself.  In The Tale of the Shoe, the girl was attracted to the “fairy Godmother” character who constantly reminded the girl of her late mother.  It’s almost as if the girl first fell in love with the woman because of the similarities between her and her mother.  This woman showed the young girl the love that she had been desiring.  I think this affection caused the girl to become sexually desired to the woman because she was filling the hole of love and affection that the mother had died.

In The Tale of the Kiss, the girl seemed to be attracted to someone who resembled herself.  Although the young girl resembled her physically with the red hair, I think her personality was what the witch fell in love with the most.  The young girl’s personality was vibrant, independent, and mysterious.  On the other hand, I saw the witch as a complete introvert.  She felt like she needed to act as the witch (an alternate personality) to express herself to the people.  She loved the power that she obtained from doing this which made me think of her as a pretty self-centered character.  I believe the young girl and the witch fell in love because the witch had been missing the spirited, lively side of her that the young girl possessed.  The witch was attracted to this personality because she had been missing that part of her for so long.  The main characters from both of the stories had a missing part in their lives that this love and attraction for these women was able to fill.

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