Not Emma Donoghue’s Best

“The Tale of the Shoe” by Emma Donoghue was not at all what I had expected.  Honestly, I thought it was rather anti climatic.  I kept waiting for something to happen the whole story and never got what I was anticipating.  Instead, after I was finished reading, I found myself annoyed at the story in general.  First off I think Emma Donoghue’s ending was atrocious. Like what?  This character who is clearly lonely after the death of her mother and has this horrible voice in her head finds a prince who loves her and does nothing about it…?  The ending was so abrupt I felt like Donoghue was just bored of writing this story so she just decided to end it.  Don’t get me wrong, my favorite stories in this class have been those that go a completely different path than the fairy tales we grew up with.  However, in those stories I was entertained throughout by the plot lines and dialogue.  In this story, it was pretty much the same as Cinderella with just an awkward ending differentiating the two. I understand there were differences such as the voices in her head telling her what to do vs the evil stepmother and the magical lady being a stranger rather than her grandma.. But I still felt like it was basically the same storyline with a terrible ending.

I actually have enjoyed Emma Donoghue’s stories up until this one.  She is an outstanding writer but this story in particular (in my opinion) was not one of her best.

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