“How could I not have noticed she was beautiful?”

I enjoyed the other stories by Emma Donoghue, but I didn’t enjoy this one. I believe that this is the third story we’ve read by Donoghue, and I’ve know just realized how repetitive they have been.

Like the others have posted so far in the blog, the story line was really predictable. She was mentally unstable and all of the sudden she found someone that helped her put the pieces to her life back together. Finally a prince proposes to her, and she says that someday he’ll find someone whose feet will fit in the shoe. She chose the older woman over the prince. When she looked at her, she realized how beautiful she was. “How could I not have noticed she was beautiful?”

This just seemed like a very generic story. But I guess a positive could be that being gay is not a choice. That even though she had prince charming in front of her, she still chose the woman. Or maybe that love at first sight isn’t just about beauty, since she didn’t realize how beautiful she was until later on. Or was it a realization of her sexuality? I’m not really sure. Overall, I guess I didn’t enjoy the story that much. The story can be seen in many perspectives and overall it was just too generic.

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