In the story White Seal Maid by Jane Yolen, I felt a lot of mystery. I am very confused as to why the Selkie stayed for so long, and why eventually she decided to leave. I feel like it could’ve been trying to portray the role of women and how things used to be. Women used to have to be this “perfect housewife” where they stuck around for a man even if that wasn’t what they wanted. It always makes me think about a divorce. It reminds me of how having children could hold people back from getting them and how it can keep someone from moving forward. The man never made the Selkie stay, he kept the skin for her to grab whenever she pleased. This makes me curious as to why she waited to have these children and for that amount of time. Why was that the right time to go? was she planning to leave all along? Also, I would like to know what the children thought of leaving. Obviously Merdock was very upset about it but I’d like to see a story from her point of view to explain why she left.

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