Far From A Happy Ending

“Russalka” by Joanna Russ was nothing like I had anticipated.  Even in the beginning, the appearance of a mermaid (or sea-girl) is much different than the fish-tailed, red headed attractive girl I am used to reading about.  I also enjoyed how Russalka was a “snob” rather than the “angel” I have always known Ariel to be.  When Russalka and the Prince immediately fell in love I thought, “here we go again,” but I loved the curveball that was thrown at me.  Instead of an expected romantic love story, we see two completely different species realizing that they can’t be with each other because of their differences.  I loved reading about their post-wedding awkward sexual encounter simply because I could tell it WASN’T a “fairy tail” like story.  Personally, I have never understood how two different beings in these Disney tales have ever been able to be together.  This story illustrated perfectly how I have always felt about these situations.. It’s awkward and not meant to be.  We all love happy endings but this is a great way of mixing fairy tells with a more realistic view.  Not going to lie, I loved reading this story even though it was far from a happy ending. 

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