The story Russalka by Joanna Russ brought up very valid points in my mind. I believe this story could be characterized as certain people wanting to be what they are not particularly in the ethnicity or race category. This story actually reminded me of bits and pieces from Anzadua’s readings that we have gone over. Anzadua had brought up how she had hated her people of her race because she was a minority and just wanted to be like the majority of the people she would see all around. This story seemed to be imaging how minority’s could want to be like white people. I say white people because Russalka points out how she wanted to be a white pretty maiden. I believe this story is very well done in the sense that it also shows how this type of thinking is never a good idea. In the end Russalka dies from being turned back into what she really was because she wasn’t in her natural habitat and the prince learns that he couldn’t change what she was all along. I believe this shows how people; no matter what age, size, gender, or ethnicity; need to love themselves for who they are no matter what. It also shows how one can never really change or turn someone into something they are not because in the end this will be hurtful for both parties. 

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  1. jkv21 says:

    When I read the story I thought the same things, it made me think about how people are constantly wanting to be what they are not. It’s a harsh way of showing that a lot of the time you can try your hardest but you can’t change who you are, and you might not even want to be that person. I also noticed that it shows how people react to change/the unknown when the Prince was disgusted by the real her. I did like how he realized that was wrong and wasn’t going to give up on her. It reminds me of how society is often disgusted by change or things out of the norm, but will eventually accept change. The ending proved that when you wait too long to accept these changes (i.e. sex, ethnicity, sexuality) it creates a bigger problem.

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