Characterization of The Temptation of Robin Green

 I truly did enjoy “The Temptation of Robin Green” by Carrie Vaughn.  I grew fond of all the characters, especially the vampire because he was well, charming.  I have difficulty however, understanding how seduction by a vampire is consensual especially when the vamp. has more power over a human when the human looks into the vamps eyes.  By the end of the story can we say that Robin fully trusts the Vampire?  Can the reader trust the vampire?  Is this sort of seduction consensual? 

I also loved the role of the mermaid.  She is in a way a protagonist because she’s supporting Robin’s lust for the selkie.  Marina trips Robin intentionally so that she falls in reach of the selkie (pg8).  She is also giggling at the sight of Robin and the selkie getting intimate and knows what Robin is getting into (pg 9)).  Marina is also an antagonist in a way because she’s the one who potentially knows most about the selkie, and Robin even tries to ask her about him.  Instead of informing her of the selkie, the mermaid aids her to go against doing the right thing—which would be to avoid the selkie.   


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