One’s First Love

I thought The Temptation of Robin Green by Carrie Vaughn was very captivating. There was never a dull moment that I felt I could just stop and pick up the story later. I thought there was a definite emphasis on virginity, as well as the connection that results from sexual intercourse within a relationship. Robin’s obsession with the Selkie completely changed dynamics once she and the Selkie had made love, something Robin had mentioned being happy “she had saved herself for.” I definitely saw a similarity between Robin and Melanie from Paranormal Romance Blues in that they both lusted for romance under the surface but would never make this obvious until someone else showed interest first.

I thought the Selkie was a very interesting character, especially because I thought we could dissect much of what he was trying to get across without the use of his dialogue with the other characters, especially Robin.

Of course, my favorite character was Rick. I thought he portrayed the “good guy” that many women bypass in order to lust after the more physically appealing guy that they also know will be less fulfilling in the long run. I wanted to feel bad for Robin at the end, at yet I couldn’t help but think, “YOU SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO RICK!!” At the same time, I think many of us can relate to Robin, having had our hearts broken a time or two as a result of someone we’d been warned against.

I also saw an obvious parallel between the supernatural child Robin was going to bear and the half-human, half-vampire child that Bella Swan bore in Twilight. Both women never anticipated such ramifications that come from sexual relations with those of a different kind. Now Robin is not only left to face these obstacles unprepared- but alone. 

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One Response to One’s First Love

  1. cks14 says:

    I completely agree with the idea of Bella swan and the supernatural child she was carrying. I also the whole time the relationship between the Selkie and Robin was going on wanted to just shake her and tell her to wake up and listen to Rick. I took it the same way as sometimes it takes someone hitting rock bottom in a relationship of any type to realize how bad it is for you. No matter what other people warn you about them, you have to fall on your own to learn.

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