Caught up in love

Carrie Vaughn’s The Temptation of Robin Green was really interesting and fun to read and also frustrating.  The entire time the relationship with the Selkie was occurring I wanted to just shake Robin and tell her to wake up and realize how bad he was for her.  I took this relationship with the Selkie to be Robin’s first experience not listening to what everyone was telling you.  And the enchantments to be something many people go through with a bad relationship, whether that be friendship or sexual relationship.

For me I felt that in order for Robin to learn how wrong this was, was for her to completely hit rock bottom.  She knew that it was wrong for her subconsciously but she didn’t care she felt like she was in control of this situation and it was her choice, even though that may not be necessarily true.  I also took Rick as that one friend people have who tell someone how bad a relationship is for them but their friend doesn’t listen to them because sometimes it takes learning by error rather than by what others tell you.   I really enjoyed this story, however, did find the comparison with Bella Swan and the half-human, half- supernatural child she was carrying. Expect in Robin’s case she ended up alone.

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