Not a typical Vampire story….Finally!

Paranormal Romance Blues by Kelly Armstrong was not what I expected at all and I loved it.  My background in paranormal romance books is more of the Twilight and Vampire Diaries series, so to read this story was a breath of fresh air. I really felt the connection between these two girls to something that would occur in the setting young college girl’s experience.  To me it was interesting to see the connections I could make to these girls and I found myself wondering what I would do in these situations and relating to them in my own experiences.  All the emotions like jealousy and envy Mel felt towards Tiffany is exactly what a lot of girls our age go through.  What I liked most was that even though she has all of these feelings, I felt she didn’t blame Tiffany for them and still in the end cared about her more than these emotions she was having.  I liked that the focus of this story was not the typical vampire love story that has become HUGE right now.  And that Tiffany even mentions towards those type of love scenarios and Mel just kind of gets annoyed at those ideas and even mentions they are from books are not typical situations involving love.  

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2 Responses to Not a typical Vampire story….Finally!

  1. jkv21 says:

    I agree, I liked that it wasn’t exactly like every other story where there’s a big romance that it’s all revolved around. I also really like your connection to college girls because it’s true that most college girls do have these feelings of jealousy towards one another and most girls wouldn’t handle it as well as Melanie did. She let those feelings of envy go because there are things that matter more than her insecurities. This is definitely relatable to college or even younger girls going through that. I think it was good to have a character like Melanie to keep the story in line because like you said she got annoyed when Tiffany would get into the romantics and love scenarios.

  2. alblanken says:

    I also really enjoyed this piece. I thought it was entertaining and relatable. I thought the way Melanie felt towards Tiffany is a very common theme among females of all ages in our society. It was interesting to talk about this topic in class. It seems as though females create these competitions between each other and within groups, but then go and complain that there is jealousy, bitterness, or envy to another female friend. I thought it was even more interesting to hear a guy’s point of view on this topic because it really seems as though society’s view on females is solely created from the female’s perspective.

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