I Love My Demon Powers

I went into reading Paranormal Romance Blues thinking it would be some kind of deranged romance novel, but was surprised when that wasn’t the case at all.  The characters of Melanie and Tiffany were both easy to relate to.  They were two women, out for a night on the town, trying to forget their problems and have a good time.  Like most nights out on the town, things don’t always go as planned.

Armstrong does a good job in this story of not making the supernatural aspects of the story outshine the underlying message.  Both girls are half-demon and as such have inherited special powers that make them not entirely fit in with society.  For example, Melanie has super-hearing while Tiffany was a “low-level ice demon.”  What stuck out to me was their acceptance of their differences from society.  As Melanie says after meeting with the support group, “They should have been celebrating winning the genetic lottery. Instead they whined about not fitting in, about having demon blood, about their slutty mothers screwing the forces of evil.”  Melanie accepts and celebrates who she is.  She doesn’t care about how that makes her or her mother look to society.  A lot of women today try to fit into this ideal, but sometimes what’s unideal is better  In this story, Melanie’s gift ends up helping her in the end.  I think the acceptance of herself is refreshing in this story.

Also, I was a bit confused about whether or not Melanie’s mother had sex with the demon willingly, if it was a rape, or if she just didn’t know he was a demon.  It said in the story that “as a rule, women don’t hook up with demons willingly and bear their children.  Our mothers have no idea that we’re anything but human, and we don’t either, until our powers start.” I’m leaning more towards her not knowing she was a demon, but I don’t know for sure.




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