The White Women

When I read through “The White Women” by  Coleridge, my first thought was, “This is not how I imagined Amazons… At all.”

In my mind, Amazons are from the jungle, are tan, muscular, and not lady like at all! In this poem, they are made to seem as beautiful maidens that haven’t worked a day in their life, that they’ve never seen the sun, they just sound truly gorgeous!

But they just aren’t pretty faces. They’re deadly. “The deadly shafts their nervous hands let fly, Are stronger than our strongest… And when they fight, the wild white women cry
The war-cry of the storm.” And my favorite, “Saw with his human eyes a wild white maid,
And gazing, died.” Sounds a bit like Medusa to me which makes me think of Shambleau. But not in a sexual way at all. They just sound so fierce and there’s no sex appeal there at all for me… Just raw power that almost makes me uncomfortable reading about women in this way. It’s so different from what society normally thrusts under my nose.


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One Response to The White Women

  1. nicollehp says:

    I didn’t imagine Amazon’s that way either at first. I thought they would be more wild and beast like. I like that this poem described them as beautiful but also having that aggressive and strong side to them. I like that you found a connection between the Amazon women and Medusa because of their deadly power and strength. It’s a really nice change to see women in the position of power.

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