Propaganda and the Other

The classic comic of Wonder Woman says so much about the time it was released, it couldn’t be more obvious unless someone shouted it at you. Not only is Wonder Woman’s costume showing off American patriotism but when her mother confers with Aphrodite and Athena both goddesses, prized for they’re beauty and wisdom, say that the mother must agree to help this brave soldier for the good of America, “the last citadel for democracy”  so that he may “fight the forces of hate and oppression” which are clearly indicative of World War II going on in Europe at the time. This is all meant to rally readers to support America in times of crisis while also being extremely pretentious in it’s assumption that America is the end all be all for democracy.

Not only is the propaganda blatant but this sectioning off of women from men, the fact that these women are Amazons immediately separates them not just geographically but turns them into an other, so against the opposite sex for what other men had previously done to them, but because they’re Amazons it shows that not all women have a hatred for men, just women like this. The Amazons are painted as very strong self reliant people that live in perfect peace without men, because naturally men start all conflicts, right? I am also extremely curious as to how Amazons reproduce if no men are allowed to be near them let alone with them. It’s a bit strange to consider, if not entirely lacking thought. Then again, I’m sure reproduction in Amazonians wasn’t as big a concern in this comic as it was showing the importance of American support.

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One Response to Propaganda and the Other

  1. rimiller11 says:

    In the comic, it says that as long as Hippolyte has the girdle, that her and the amazons are granted eternal life, so reproducing is probably pointless.

    “… so against the opposite sex for what other men had previously done to them, but because they’re Amazons it shows that not all women have a hatred for men, just women like this.” I think this statement is a bit unfair. I wouldn’t say that they hate men, they’re just cautious. If they hated men, they just would have killed the guy, not let him get the best care available and definitely not fix his plane.

    It’s the same with any group that’s oppressed, if they’re wronged, they aren’t going to immediately love the group of people that wronged them. They’re going to be cautious. It can be seen when the general populace slams bisexuals for “not being able to make up” their minds. Or when people bash trans* people for “not being happy with the body” they were born with. It’s unfair to say that those oppressed groups hate the oppressors. There’s a fine line between being cautious and hating.

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