Sexuality is not a sin

I really enjoyed “La herencia de Coatlicue” by Gloria Anzaldua. After reading both this piece and “Entering into the Serpent”, it allowed me to see the bigger meanings between the two.

In my opinion, a lot of the story had to do with women having to conceal their sexuality because it’s not acceptable for women to have sexual desires or actions. For example, the middle of the paragraph on page 65 starting with “she has this fear…” seems to talks about her fear of embracing her desires. She says things like “if she takes off her clothes…shoves her brain aside…” and “that when she does reach herself…turns around to embrace herself”. She feels abnormal because she has these desires. She calls herself things like a beast and an alien. She feels like this because no one else around her embraces it, when in reality she isn’t alone and many people probably feel the same way as she does. The last page also talks about her sexuality. It seems like it’s describing an orgasm and that it felt good for her to let go.

The other main aspect I got from the story was racial discrimination. She is not only being oppressed because she is a woman, but also because she is a different race. The last paragraph on page 71 describes how she is dark-skinned and therefore considered evil because society has come to identify darkness and the night with evil. She also says that they blame themselves for something being “wrong” with them.

What I most liked about this piece was the inspirational feel behind it. Even though a lot of the writing had to do with the negative aspects, I felt like the meaning behind those passages had to do with overcoming social norms and stereotypes and all the negativity and hardship thrown at them. And that you should try to accept yourself for who you are- even if the rest of the world doesn’t. I thought the very last line “And I am not afraid” was a really powerful ending and tied together the rest of the piece because she finally is ready to accept who she is and not just be who other people want her to be.

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One Response to Sexuality is not a sin

  1. maybefatima says:

    I totally agree with you. I really enjoyed this piece. It was beautifully written. I’m glad that she talked about the intersection of gender, race and sexuality – how darker skinned women are seen as exotic and hypersexual. This was just overall an great piece and I’m glad that we all decided to read her second piece. I hope to read more from her.

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