Circe & The Lady of the Skulls

I found myself feeling really sad for both of our ‘femme fatales” in these readings. Though the sense is there that at least at some point they got some possible enjoyment from their positions both are clearly unhappy now. Circe can’t get a good man to come by the island, every one that does is just a pig by nature waiting to show his true self and she’s so bored and disappointed that a massive storm coming sounds like a welcome alternative. Amaranth (I lovelovelove that this is her name!) seems so tired of watching knights and kings and treasure seeking adventurers come to her tower only to make the exact same mistakes time and again. Amaranth may have been quite happy to get her tower and punish those who continued to come and take from her but now she just wishes she could see some change in what she has experienced as man’s inherent nature. I especially loved when she explained that every man that left the tower got the story wrong because he focused on the things he didn’t leave with and didn’t appreciate that he was still alive. At the end of Lady of the Skulls there is a possibility that Amaranth found happiness or peace, but unfortunately we know that Circe remains alone (Odysseus, who does succumb to her tendancy to the turn men to swine leaves her) still fated to roam her island being disappointed repeatedly.

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One Response to Circe & The Lady of the Skulls

  1. jchristensen780 says:

    I like that you brought up Amaranth explaining how every man that left the tower got the story wrong because they only focused on what they didn’t have instead of what they ended up with. I feel like too often enough people don’t appreciate the things that they have in life and focus instead on what they are missing. For Amaranth, she is unable to leave the tower and be free, while the men can come and go as they please. From her perspective, they already have the only thing she really wants and thus she does not understand why they would risk their lives for something as trivial as gold or jewels. Too often people focus on the negative rather than focusing on all the good they have, and I feel like that was an important message within this story.

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