My Little Pretty

In reading Emma Donaghue’s “Tale of the Hair,” I kept seeing this aspect of vulnerability placed distinctly throughout the story. Many of you had hinted at Rapunzel’s selfish manner and her selfish motives in using the woman for any and everything she needs. At the same time, Rapunzel IS if fact vulnerable, both physically, with her blindness, and emotionally, having known no other relationships but the one she shares with the woman. It’s her only source of knowledge, fact, fiction, protection, and so forth. Knowing this, I think the woman takes advantage of Rapunzel by reminding her of all that she has done for the girl and that without her, Rapunzel wouldn’t know a thing. I also think she takes advantage regarding her own desires, when she plays the part of the prince, twisting gender roles (another interesting plot characteristic). Yes, she claims to have done this deception in Rapunzel’s best interest- but did she? After all, Rapunzel yearned for a prince, although she had never seen one. Why is is, then, that the woman couldn’t be herself and show her affection without any facade? I think she wanted to be able to supply Rapunzel with whatever it was that Rapunzel WANTED; not only for the good of the girl but on behalf of her own connection with Rapunzel and her desire for her, as well.

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