Tale of the Hair

Emma Donoghue’s Tale of the Hair was a really fun read. Throughout the story I was torn in whether I should read it as if it were a mother-daughter story or as a coming out story? Is she being protected because she is blind to society and the other woman knows that the society wont accept her? Or if this were to be a mother-daughter relationship, is she just being a good mom? I ended up reading as a mother-daughter story. But I found myself expecting an evil stepmom and for a prince or -ess to climb up and save her. In the passage, “the woman said there must have been a time when my eyes were not clouded, but from the day I fell into her hands I was blind as a mole,” I imagined the movie Tangled where the “mom” used her for her own selfish needs. To be honest, I’m still torn. The story can be read both ways. Because in the end, the woman just wants to protect “Repunzel.” “Repunzel” just doesn’t seem to want all the help and that she would be okay with someone else. While the woman sees nothing worth it in life, but “Repunzel.”

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