A Strange Twist to Hair

This story was adorable to me. Even more so than that of Disney’s Tangled. I liked that Rapunzel didn’t want to leave, and that the old woman tried to make her happy. With Tangled, we saw the tower as a prison, a way to keep Rapunzel in… To prevent her from living life. And the old woman from that story kidnapped her and Rapunzel made it back to her real family. In The Tale of the Hair, Rapunzel seems completely happy being in the tower. The tower is what allows her to feel the warmth of the sun, and for her, that’s enough. I also don’t view the old woman’s deceit as a bad thing. She wanted the girl to be happy… It’s something a mother would do.


About rimiller11

Colorful hair. Green eyes. Glasses. 5ft. 7in. Curvy. 21 years old. 24 piercings. 12 tattoos. Virgo. College student. English major. Minors in religious studies and philosophy. Addicted to menthol cigarettes and diet coke. Loves to read and play video games. Favorite band is Avenged Sevenfold.
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