The child she never had

Honestly, I didn’t know what to think while reading “Slow Cold Chick”. I kept trying to find some deeper meaning or symbolism within it because a lot of the plot was just really bizarre! I wasn’t quite sure of what was happening with the chick and how it kept morphing into another animal or why it crawled inside Blaise at the end. After finishing the story, I came up with an idea as to what Nalo could have been trying to get at (it’s a bit of a stretch though so bear with me).

My first thought had to do with parenting. The story starts with Blaise talking about her “mother” and her “Mummy” who could either be two different people or possibly two different versions of the same person (her mom during her childhood and then her mom when she got older). Also, there was the fact that the egg she had turned into a baby chick and then kept growing and eventually crawled back into her stomach. Maybe it was symbolizing an abortion or miscarriage she had and the chick was the baby she never had. The chick could have been acting out all the emotions Blaise felt going through that.

Blaise said she wanted to be able to talk about what she feels and to be able to say “you hurt me” or “I’m not interested”. She was also very uncomfortable around the guy with the ferret when he wouldn’t leave her alone. This made me think that maybe she was raped. And putting my two theories together- maybe she was raped and found out she was pregnant but didn’t want to have his child so she got an abortion. The anger that comes out in the story could be regret for the abortion or simply rage towards her rapist.

There were many other ways to read the story but that was just one of the perspectives I got out of it!

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