One Last, Sweet Dance

Again, I have to agree that this story was bizarre and that is why I have mixed feelings about it. I interpreted this story as being about a young girl’s coming of age sexuality, but I enjoyed that this seemed to be a positive subject within the context of the story. The grandmother wants to throw this topic out on the table and not brush it under the rug. However, the mother feels that the girl is too young for such discussion and tales.

I enjoyed that Wolfie appeared to be a positive, and sexually desirable being that was lusted for by the grandmother. To me, it did not appear that Wolfie was seen as a predator in this story, unlike the original Little Red Riding Hood.

Additionally, it was interesting to read about an elderly woman expressing her sexuality and wanting to share that with her granddaughter. I’m not an expert, but I do not think there is much literature out there about elderly women expressing their sexualities similar to this story.

The end was also fascinating because with my multiple reads I was not quite sure how to interpret it. One interpretation being that the grandmother was going to have her final dance with Wolfie while the granddaughter would possibly experience her first as she arrives to her grandmother’s house with her “pretty basket”, thus, her initiation into sexuality. 

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