Wolfland: Lisel Finally In Her Element

I also thought Wolfland was a splendid little read.  It isn’t the typical fairy tale where the prince comes to rescue the young maiden to create a happy ending.  Instead, Lisel actually gives into the antagonist of the story.  Perhaps she had wanted to all along though?  jchristensen780, mentioned in her (or his?) post that Lisel demonstrates moments of defiance throughout the story.  I believe this to be true as well, and I think these are crucial points.  Ultimately, I think Lisel’s defiance and independence prevails in the end showing her true desires that had been there from the beginning.

It seems that throughout the story Lisel is showing small doses of bold independence.  An example in the text is when she yearns for a knife or a pistol to fight off the wolves on her own and claiming she wanted to kill them herself.  For a young woman to even think about handling a pistol and killing wild animals on her own would have been inappropriate during this time period in the story.  Lisel also calls her grandmother disgusting after revealing that she is a werewolf, which is also highly inappropriate.

Lisel has an apparent feisty independent side that becomes more and more apparent throughout Wolfland.  During this time, the right thing to do would have been to repress this personality, but Lisel shows that she is willing to do the complete opposite.  I think her grandmother sees this and thinks this is exactly what it takes to be a werewolf.  Lisel eventually realizes that this would be a great fit as well; she can act as she always has wanted.  She can let her slightly crazy, bold, free side show through finally with no more repression.

Just a thought though, if Lisel were to have never gone to visit her grandmother, would she have acted as defiantly she had on the visit in the real world living with her father?  Did seeing her grandmother as a wealthy, independent woman trigger something in Lisel that made her act as she did and reveal a more daring personality?

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