The Bloody Chamber Meets Christian Grey

Alright everyone I know this was shared in class today but it was on my mind so much when I was reading the “Bloody Chamber” I felt it was necessary to address again. For all the ladies who had not read the 50 Shades of Grey series SHAME ON YOU. I have yet to find a woman aged from 15 to 60 who does not drool over sexy Christian Grey. And for the men out there too… Lets be honest, you have definitely heard of these books too from one source or another. Anyways, what I am trying to get at is how truly similar the man in “The Bloody Chamber” is to Christian Grey, (at least in the beginning). Both their needs to be the dominant man and to hold all the power over their “lover” is uncanny. Even the way both of them speak to their partner is completely the same. They both try to make the other person know they are inferior. In doing so, in some twisted way they become aroused as they are now in control sexually. Not leaving the women out here they become aroused too, liking the fact that they are being held in control. Now obviously the man in this reading did a lot more terrible things than Christian Grey but I would definitely come to the conclusion that E.L. James (author of the 50 Shades books) took a page out of this man’s lifestyle and brought it into the 21st century where it was reborn into a new man that all women fell in love with.

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