test post–Riding the Red

I read over “Riding The Red” once tonight, usually I have to go over these stories a couple of times but since this is a test post I’m going to give it a shot. I found the story provocative and bizarre. There was a contrast between the domestic and the sexual…almost a competition between how a woman should be and what is beneath the domestic woman, i.e. the sexual desires and pleasure she gets from the attention and desire of men or in this case Wolfie. The story was seemingly about girlhood sexual awakening.

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One Response to test post–Riding the Red

  1. rimiller11 says:

    I agree that this was a bizarre story… But that is exactly why I liked it. Instead of the “wolf” from the traditional story being an actual animal, it’s referring to the man. And, if you put the traditional story next to Riding the Red, in the traditional story, Little Red is just kind of gallivanting through the forest wearing her “red” and somewhat carefree and is caught off guard by the “wolf”, which is what the grandma from Riding the Red wants to prevent. I feel like Riding the Red could be a prequel to the traditional story.

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