A Striking Similarity

As I was reading the “Bloody Chambers” this past weekend, I was immediately intrigued by the innocence of the young girl from Paris and the contrasting, much darker side, of the Marquis. I was interested in the control over which the Marquis had on this young girl after such a short time. Having read the novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” quite recently, I couldn’t help but see the close parallel between the two plots. This actually really assisted in my understanding of just how closely violence and sexual desire can intertwine. As mentioned, control is very much a part of this lifestyle as well; this was most interesting because the compliance of the girls was voluntary and yet both chose to submit at certain points. When the young girl was given the key, I quite honestly thought she was soon going to find herself in a “Red Room of Pain.” On the contrary, I think the Marquis was capable of separating his desire for passion and violence, explaining the death of his past wives. Mr. Grey, on the other hand, often blurred the line between these two and found his passion in enacting both simultaneously. For me, these stories’ resemblance really helped reiterate the growing prominence of this topic in literature.

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